The post in which I go on a spray painting spree.

This past weekend, I went on a mini spray painting spree. The kind where I get so impulsive about pushing and aiming the little nozzle that I almost spray paint my cats.


I decided the glossy look wouldn't suit them.

It all started when I wanted to experiment with using frosted glass spray paint to achieve the "etched sans hazardous chemicals" look. I try to save the hazardous chemicals for the member of my family that sports a white coat from 9-5 and whisks me off to dreamland with bedtime stories about loop diuretics and hypertension. (That is a true story: whenever I can't sleep, Rick volunteers to start talking medicine. Works like a charm.) My process (which, I'll assure you, is not earth-shattering ingenuity...I'm sure countless others have used frosted spray paint to achieve the same look) consisted of four very simple steps:

1) Find glass to spray paint. In this case, I used two recycled Yankee Candle jars.

2) Tape design to jar. I used regular Scotch tape on the tall one and didn't have any problems with the spray paint bleeding through.

I would love to try this same thing with shaped stickers or custom adhesives cut with my Cricut. But I'll save that for another day.

3) Spray paint jars with frost spray paint. I used Rustoleum Frosted Glass.

4) Peel off tape. Ta da! Ambiance shot:

That lantern in the above grouping started off like this, purchased for $.75 from the recent Ronald McDonald House Charity Sale (talk about a yard saler's paradise: this event overflowed an entire vacant Dick's Sporting Goods from front to back with donated--and cheap!--treasures):

Clearly, it was the next victim on my serial spray painting spree, because it is now white.

And on the other side of the mantle is my subtle $1.99 Goodwill hint that it is fall, which I also spray painted white.

Spray paint=wonder paint. You'll never look at gleaming faux copper pumpkins the same way once you can picture them with a new coat of paint. And you know you talk too much about the "potential" and "possibility" in things when your husband, out of the blue, says "Hey, that vase has good lines."

I was so proud. :)

Any favorite spray paint fixes? Feel free to share or link to your work!


Aislinn said...

I love the frosted glass with the candle!! Once I get an apartment, are you going to come help me decorate? haha

Erin said...

haha Aislinn sure! As long as it's nearby, of course :)

Michelle said...

i was very proud of my own spray paint re dos. When we re did our downstairs bathroom, everything was gold towel rod, toliet paper holder, door knobs. And who would have thought a new towel rod that is bronze colored would be 45 dollars. So that resulted in the 5 dollar can of spray paint that made everything automatically match our new faucet. Also, we used the same spray paint on our dining room fan (as our ceiling was falling down we took the fan down too) all metal on the fan was gold so we took it apart and i spray painted it all and put on new globes. I love our NEW fan

Amy @ Journey Mum said...

I love it! You could sell those jars :) Is this the same kind of stuff people use with stencils and words or is that something else?

Erin said...

Hey Amy; I used Rustoleum Frosted Glass spray paint (I just added a picture into the post). I've heard of people using etching cream with stencils and words and it seems to have a similar effect...but we had the spray paint leftover from an abandoned wedding idea, so I decided to finally use it! :)

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