The post with the--wait, I can't decide.

"Mind changeitis." It's what I suffer from. Please don't analyze that disease name too closely; you'll find that "inflammation of the mind changing" really makes no sense, which your nearest friendly pharmacist will readily point out to you. If my local friendly pharmacist was currently lurking over my shoulder instead of watching Norm Abram install pocket doors on This Old House, I'm sure he would have already informed me of my error.

Yes, I did give myself the ability to read his mind in the above picture. One of those perks of being a woman, you know.

Anyway, this problem of mine has resulted in me spending many minutes trying to locate some receipt that I put in a Good Spot (must do something about that) and then more minutes in some return or exchange line, with the following questions running through my mind:

"When has green and red plaid ever been a good option for my couch pillows?"
"What do these stores really pump in via those halogen bulbs?"
"How long will Rick roll his eyes at me this time?"
"Was it the 70% off sticker that made this snowman statue end up in my cart?"

Fortunately, I've learned of my problem and have been coping with it ("Hi, I'm Erin, and I'm addicted to changing my mind"), just in time to make some serious purchases for our house. How devastated would I have been if I bought some gorgeously red couch only to wish I didn't have to look at its face a couple months or even years later? They don't make return lines for stuff like that. And let's face it, not every color goes with red. Just ask Anne of Green Gables.

"Mrs. Hammond told me that God made my hair red on purpose and I've never cared for Him since."

So, in my quest to encourage my habit rather than eradicate it (yes, I'm an enabler: please don't tell the administrators at my school), I've decided to go with classic white for our new comforter. I've been doing some investigating and my qualms about white bedding have vanished since discovering that a little bleach will make a white comforter as good as new. Therefore, this West Elm duvet cover that I've been stalking keeping my eye on will soon be arriving at our door, thanks to a gift card and a 20% off sale:

'Til death do us part. I promise, this time. And my fingers aren't even cleverly crossed behind my back.

That is, it will be arriving as soon as I'm able to convince that friendly pharmacist of mine that I won't be trying to sneak it onto Craigslist within the year. :)