The post in which I introduce myself.

Once upon a time, a girl named Erin began a blog. Here's her story.

Cinderenta (Excuse the lame pun.)

The maiden and her BFF Princess Belle
Once upon a time, a young maiden named Erin was strolling around her Leased Land of Beige, Plaster, and Poorly Painted Trim, whistling a lovely melody while her furry woodland friends napped peacefully nearby. She could see that this Land, being a very old thus unique structure, had great potential and character: she wouldn't have moved her Kingdom here if it didn't. However, she was dissatisfied with the cluttered, mismatched state of affairs, and longed to do something about it.

Our future castle?

Realizing that this Land was Leased, though, she knew that the effort put into improving its drab appearance would have to be done with very few pieces of silver. After all, she and her apothecary-in-training, Rick, would only be residing here for approximately two and a half years, after which they would invest in a castle of their own. So, the maiden, realizing that Fairy Godmothers who fix everything only exist in fairy tales and in the form of Ty Pennington, began slowly using her homemade wands and potions to transform their Leased Land of Beige, Plaster, and Poorly Painted Trim into the Leased Land of Charm, Personality, and Still Poorly Painted Trim (alas, this project was too large for mere tenants to take on), and has been captivated by the DIY spell ever since.

Despite the fact that her Land is ever-evolving and still not 100% up to her standards (a vicious spell resulting in walls with royal blue polka dots was cast over one of the rooms and has, to date, not been lifted), she has decided to begin chronicling her adventures in DIY decorating via a newfangled blog for a source of reflection, inspiration, and, hopefully, amusement.

And although this ending is a bit premature, no fairy tale would be complete without it: so, the maiden, her apothecary-in-training, and their furry woodland friends lived happily ever after.

Please note: portions of the previous account were exaggerated and/or fictionalized.To begin with, this particular young maiden is utterly incapable of whistling in a way that would actually allow her furry woodland friends to sleep peacefully.

*One of those furry woodland friends apparently missed the memo that this fairy tale was called Cinderenta, because she was recently discovered using our dismantled couch cushions to prep for what appears to be a Princess and the Flea Pea audition.