The post in which Rick runs off with Betsy Ross.

We the {melting} people...
Rick and I were recently on vacation in southern Pennsylvania, where we spent one day touring historic Philadelphia. Our shining faces in the photo accurately suggest that  Philly was slightly cooler than a person sipping hot chai while snuggled up in a wool blanket. In a sauna. If we hadn't forgotten the marshmallows, we could've roasted one on the sidewalk and gobbled it up for a delightful afternoon snack.

But enough about the temperature. We had a wonderful day despite it: so there, oven-like heat wave! One of our stops was Betsy Ross' house, in which we met Betsy herself--I know, weird, right? --hard at work sewing a flag in a replication of her sewing shop. What most amused us about her sewing shop, though, was not the fact that Betsy Ross has apparently been fooling everyone about being dead all of these years, but, rather, the material surrounding Betsy.

Question: how do you know when you've spent too much time in Joann Fabrics? Answer: when you recognize the fabric in Betsy Ross' "sewing shop" and can rattle off the following not-so-historic facts: It was mass-produced by Waverly. The retail price is $39.99 a yard. It comes in black, red, and blue. Betsy was so impressed with Rick's knowledge of fabric that she asked him to join her staff full-time. Obviously, he had to decline, mainly because he just couldn't stand the thought of leaving his little wife to pick out fabric at Joann's all by herself.

Besides, Betsy was just not his type.