The post in which I go back to reality (aka work).

For the past couple months, I have been on a blissful summer vacation of days spent sleeping in, DIYing around the house, relaxing with friends and family, and going on vacation.

Gettysburg National Park

A sample of my daytime schedule from this week forward, though, looks more like this:

5:30 AM: Grumble at the alarm clock for going off.
7:20-8:45 AM: Face a room full of sleepy 9th graders. Attempt to explain to a room full of sleepy 9th graders why reading is important.
8:45-10:15 AM: Face a room full of awake 9th graders. Attempt to explain to a room of awake 9th graders why reading is important while simultaneously explaining that binders are not meant to be airborne.
12:45-1:50 PM: Face a room full of hyperactive 9th graders who are so over this whole "school" thing. Attempt to explain to a room of hyperactive 9th graders why reading is important while simultaneously explaining that neither their binder nor the person sitting next to them is meant to be airborne.
1:50-3:30: Finish everything that I didn't get to during the day.
3:30: Drive home...

Do you get the picture? I don't need to bore you with details about meetings, grading, phone calls, grad class stuff, dinner, and the fact that I begin yawning around 7 PM and am in bed by 9 PM (sad, yes; a lie, no).

As much as I wish otherwise, I don't have as much time for blogging and DIYing as I did over the summer, which is why I have not posted yet this week until today. I'm not a brand new teacher, but the beginning of the school year is, nonetheless, hectic and a bit nerve-wracking. Don't get me wrong: I really do love teaching, and I think it's a good fit for me, I just have to, now, make some adjustments in terms of my new hobby. I have enjoyed crafting and writing about it so much that I am hesitant to give it up for the school year completely (plus, it is a bit therapeutic, which is helpful after a day with adolescents), so I have come up with this: instead of 4-5 posts a week, I am going to aim for two. Unless, of course, I can somehow train Gingerbread to type clever things on the computer.

It's not looking good for the whole "cat learns how to write" scheme, though, because most of her time spent by the computer looks more like this:

But enough about my silly little feline. Here are some projects that we have in mind for during the school year, so stay tuned for the details in my couple weekly posts!

1. Do something about Rick's piano stand and seat. Don't mistake that black bulgy thing for a body bag lounging in our office: it's actually the cover for his keyboard. We are planning to make something more attractive for both his piano and his rear end to sit on.

And speaking of Rick's rear end (I hope he doesn't mind that I am discussing his rear end on the Internet)....

2. Give this piano bench a makeover so that Rick's rear end can sit on it while he does his amazingly gifted thing with those keys. It was a mere $3 at Amvets, plus it came with all of that old sheet music inside--bonus!

3. Give this ottoman a trendier outfit. Yes, this means we will be tackling reupholstery--again. :)

4. Make this stool cute enough to be used in my classroom.

5. Make wall decor with Scrabble tiles.

6. Work on our two current As For Me and Your House rooms.

7. And last, but not least: reveal  how we are completely transforming this free couch.

A word of warning: it may no longer look like a couch when we are done. Possibly on purpose, possible because Rick hacked it to pieces in frustration.

So those are some of the projects on our now much busier agenda; check back soon for the specifics!

And if you are a teacher, know a teacher, have kids with teachers, want to be a teacher, or know what a teacher is...I wish you all a wonderful and successful new school year! :)