The post on Christmas Eve.

We've had a busy Christmas Eve day, full of centerpiece arranging...

...chocolate cover pretzel making (I swear we didn't intend for them to come out looking like they would glow if we held a black light over them)...

...final gift creating (more on the latter after I give it to my parents)...

...and emails about SALE PENDING! Yes, that means our offer on a house has been accepted, signed, and sent to all those wonderful people that help us through the tedious part of this process. Says our realtor: "Rick, how will you ever top this Christmas gift for Erin ever again?!" We are now 60+ days away (God willing!) from being the official owners of an amazing old house that is near our families, has enough room for several sets of twins (hi Mom), and needs some decorating TLC...which is exactly what we wanted!

This chocolate to drizzle over our chocolate-covered pretzels, however, is not exactly what we wanted:

Not sure what happened, but for some reason the food coloring made the chocolate really thick and non-drizzlable. So, I had the brilliant idea of adding milk, thinking it would thin the chocolate out. Right?


Garbage can, meet our latest DIY disaster.

This is why I blog about crafting and not cooking.

We're praising the Lord for our marriage, our families, all of our many blessings, food on our table that looks nothing like that mess above, and the most perfect gift that He sent us so long ago. We're doing our best to keep Christ at the center of this Christmas season, as we do in every season!

Merry Christmas!


Amy @ Journey Mum said...

I love your centre piece, lovely subtle colors! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas... and congratulations! Being a house owner is a real big adventure. It'll be fun to see what you get up to in YOUR new place.

Rachel said...

I think I know the perfect housewarming gift for Rick...a gift card to JoAnn Fabrics and a sledge hammer (that way he can knock down a wall or beat up a floor and then cover it with pretty fabric so you won't see it til whatever he is doing is done :-P)

Future conversation in the Mufford house:

:::Smash crash boom....Erin runs towards noise and Rick comes out of the room sweaty and covered in dust...Rick closes door:::

Erin: "What was that?"
Rick: "What was what?"
Erin: "All that noise...what were you doing?"
Rick: :::hides sledge hammer behind back::: "Oh nothing...just a little project I was starting."
Erin: "....what kind of project?"
Rick: "Oh you know...the DIY kind..."
Erin: "I want to see."
Rick: "Well it isn't ready yet...."
Erin: "Let me see." :::Opens door...sees a dust filled room...pieces of plaster on the floor...and a length of JoAnn Fabric tacked to the ceiling and hanging to the floor:::

.....Silence......:::Rick gets nervous

Erin: "I like the fabric" :::shuts door and goes back to whatever she was doing

Rick: :::sly smile...victory is his:::

Hahaha...now I know that won't be QUITE how it goes...but pretty close :-p

Erin said...

haha Rachel...how did you know we've had that exact conversation?? ;)

Thanks, Amy! We're so excited about the house!

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