The post with the wine bottle wrap.

We went to a friend's Christmas party this past Saturday, and our wine gift was looking a little naked, so I made this festive wrap for it (inspired by a similar project I saw in my holiday Paper Crafts magazine).

I started by cutting some lightweight cardstock to cover the height of the label and snugly wrap the circumference of the bottle, and then I used my Cricut to cut out circles from regular scrapbook paper in sizes between 1" and 2".

The next step was to arrange the circles on the lower edge of the cardstock before adding some coordinating buttons.

Then, while I coaxed the accordion fold accent into staying glued together and not coming wildly undone, it nearly coaxed me into breaking into the wine right then and there. Seriously, I have never tried to accordion-fold paper into a circle before, and let's just say that I was almost as frustrated as the day we had to learn about proofs in math class. (If Fluffy is a poodle, then Fluffy is a dog. If Fluffy is not a dog, then Fluffy is not a poodle. If Fluffy relieves himself on the carpet and chews up my favorite pair of high heels, then Fluffy will wish he was never a dog nor a poodle.)

Well, that last one might not have been in my textbook. Although it would have made 9th grade math class significantly more interesting. As it was, we had to amuse ourselves by placing bets on when the dead plant in the window would spontaneously combust.

Anyway, I was feeling considerably agitated with Fluffy the accordion-fold medallion, but I did figure it out eventually. And it got easier after I did it more than once.

I would try to explain the process in writing, but it would probably make even less sense than that Fluffy nonsense above. Maybe I'll make a video of it--with Rick playing the accordion in the background! Get it? Clever, right?

Consider yourself warned if you ever click on a video we produce. ;)

The final touch was tying on the wired ribbon and adhering the bane of my existence the accordion-fold medallion with double-sided foam. I also added some self-adhesive gems to the bottom rim for extra holiday sparkle.


We don't deal with full bottles very often (I tend to prefer the empty ones from strangers' recycling bins), but I thought this was a fun way to dress up a hostess gift for our friends.

And in case you were wondering, Rick can actually play the accordion. He taught himself, which was a process much speedier than the process by which I taught myself how to accordion-fold paper (and not full of nearly as many dramatic sighs).  If you're feeling skeptical, just ask our downstairs neighbor to vouch for his musical abilities. Or Gingerbread. She takes up residence under the bed when he breaks out that particular instrument. :)


Rachel said...

I don't have enough room currently to start all the artsy craftsy stuff I want to do...but when I move to OKC it will make everything much easier...maybe I shall start a blog :-P (To see what I have done so far...check out my "Artsy Craftsy Crap By Yours Truely" album on Facebook.)

There is a point to this post I promise...you should check out Etsy.com if you haven't already. It is a e-bay type website where people sell homemade things. I have got a few ideas from there for decorating (the scrabble board in my album is a stolen idea) You should raid the site for ideas. Who knows...maybe you could set up a shop and make a lil extra money :-)

Craftster.com is another good website to raid for ideas too

I have a shop on etsy...it is currently empty...but it does exist. I keep having to remind myself that February isn't very far away and then I can start annoying Adam with my trips to JoAnn Fabric and Hobby Lobby :-p

Miss you! Facebook message me your address please so I can send you a Christmas card (and so I can write it down in my new address book so I can stop asking people for addresses every single year.....)

Amy @ Journey Mum said...

Super cute! I'd be happy to have you come visit.
Just looking at that accordion accent I have no idea how in the world a person would make that!

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